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Here are the terrific FREE features that RentalCalendar offers:

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Potential renters can:
  • Check to see when your property is available or booked. This cuts down on email queries and phone calls to owners.

  • Check on rates for the dates and periods they’re interested in, divided by whatever seasons or time periods the owner chooses.
Owners can:
  • Easily keep track of when their property is booked, and the rates for each time period.

  • Make notes to keep track of tenants’ names and other info

  • Produce professional-looking reports of bookings of their rental properties. is much more efficient to
use than other free calendars on the web!

Instead of having to individually check off each date that’s booked, you can check by entire time periods, a real timesaver. The calendar is also color-coded to your specifications, so that you can easily see which days are free or unavailable. As an added convenience, you can make short notes to yourself on specific dates, such as the names of renters, special rates or times they’re arriving or departing. Another clear advantage: your personalized Rental Calendar displays as a small pop-up window, so renters don’t have to leave your property page to check on availability, as they do with other calendars.

Both the Rental Calendar and the Rental Guestbook can be linked instantly to your property’s web site, whether it’s a personal web page or one set up through an advertising company.

Register every property you own. They’re all FREE!

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